Teaching experience

  • 2017 Teaching Assistant for Reliability Methods in Structural Engineering (8 students)
  • 2015 Teaching Assistant for Pre-stressed Concrete (~ 30 students)
  • 2014 Teaching Assistant for Structural Dynamics (~ 30 students)
  • 2014 Instructor in the Estimation and Materials Testing lab (>100 students)
  • 2013 Instructor in the Solid Mechanics lab (>100 students)

Mentoring experience

2017 Mr. Dante Coronado and Mr. Aimane Najmeddine (Resilient and Sustainable Buildings project)

  • Tutored nonlinear dynamic analysis of buildings using OpenSees
  • Mentees designed workflows for node and element numbering, loads specification, material assignment, and analysis initiation
  • Mentees were able to perform seismic fragility analysis of a two-bay, two-story steel moment frame with concentrated plasticity non-linearity

Teaching interests

Based on past experience, I find all aspects of teaching to be stimulating and rewarding: lecturing, interacting with the students, formulating problem sets, and lab experiments. I look forward to teaching analysis type courses such as Mechanics of Materials, Structural Analysis, and Statistics for Civil Engineers at the undergraduate level. At the graduate level, I am enthused to teach Advanced Structural Analysis, Finite Element Methods, and Dynamics of Structures, in addition to developing Reliability Analysis of Structures and Multihazard Engineering Analysis courses.